Ostabelt is an patent pending innovative stylish belt system dedicated to help ostomy patients return to an active lifestyle they desire. Created with the most durable and breathable material, the Ostabelt is guaranteed to provide comfort and protection around the clock. With a simple opening of a zipper, you will be able to empty out pouch contents effortlessly. Our system works with a one-piece or two-piece flange to provide a universal fit.

There are three measurements that are needed in order to know which fits you best:

Left or right ostomy

The diagram above is a patient with a left ostomy

Flange Size (1- 1/2″)
(2- 3/4″) (3-1/2″) (3-3/4″)

Custom order sizing available on request

Waist size at ostomy level
(where stoma is located in inches)

What is an Ostomy?

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