Ostabelt is an innovative stylish belt system dedicated to help ostomy patients return to an active lifestyle they desire. Created with the most durable and breathable material, the Ostabelt is guaranteed to provide comfort and protection around the clock. With a simple opening of a zipper, you will be able to empty out pouch contents effortlessly. Our system works with a one-piece or two-piece flange to provide a universal fit.

The Ostabelt has a unique application where the flange is inserted through the hole opening on the back of the belt. The flange then appears in the inside zippered pouch compartment where the ostomy bag will attach.
The belt is then positioned around your waist where it is locked in place using velcro, which are on both ends of the belt. The elastic loops are there in case there is any slack remaining from any adjustment due to your ostomy waist size.

The ability to expand is one of Ostabelt?s main advantages. As the ostomy bag fills, the lycra material expands outward. At this point, the Ostabelt maintains its comfort and protection from any possible leaks that can occur. Once the bag is emptied, the Ostabelt will retain its original form and will shrink back to its original size.


our ostomy bag can be attached either sideways or straight down. A lot of patients ask, how does it work being sideways? Having your bag sideways allows you to keep the bag from snagging on items as well as hanging down for others to see.

As the bag gets filled, contents move and shift to the ziplock portion of your bag with regular movement. With the feel of your hand, you will be able to tell if you need to empty or dispose the ostomy appliance. Having your bag at the side also prevents accidents that result in leaks and prevents the flange from snagging and ripping off your skin when placed in an Ostabelt.

Two-piece ostomy bag system: No, Once you attach your flange adhesive to your skin and clip in your ostomy bag ring; your Ostabelt stays between the ostomy ring clip and the flange.We have designed a zipper at the bottom of your pouch compartment to provide easy access to empty your bag without removing the belt.

One-Piece Ostomy Bag System: No, if you have a drainable One-Piece Ostomy bag. And Yes, if you have a non-drainable One-Piece Ostomy bag.

Yes, Ostabelt was designed with a durable, lightweight, and breathable material to allow full mobility and flexibility of movement for an active lifestyle. This includes anything from extreme sports to the daily walk with the kids, Ostabelt will hand you back the joy and fulfillment of living an active, normal and productive lifestyle.


The Ostabelt is both machine and hand-washable, although hand washing and hanging to dry makes the belt last longer. If you machine wash, use gentle cycle, cold water, and dry low heat.


To promote longer wear and durability of your Ostabelt; we suggest it?s beneficial to purchase two belts, alternating your wear time. It?s always safe to carry two in case of leaks or accidents when you?re away from home.


The Ostabelt was designed with a lightweight breathable material to be worn 24 hours a day.


Yes, We understand how important a good sleep is for you. The Ostabelt can be worn around the clock.Most sleeping patterns change after the creation of an ostomy site. Ostabelt contains leaks and other accidents at night by preventing shifting and snagging of the ostomy bag when tossing and turning. This provides a comfortable support system for all sleeping positions.


Yes. Ostabelt?s secure system helps individuals over come the common issues around intimacy. Embarrassment, shame, fear of pain, leakage, rejection, being naked and depression are some of the most important feelings that affect one?s ability to be intimate. Ostabelt keeps your ostomy bag completely concealed and close to your body to prevent events, which lead to the common issues above. Please visit our ?Ostomy Care? under the help section on our site for further information.


Yes. Ostabelt was designed to hold your ostomy bag in place with a lightweight Lycra material that dries rapidly for the ultimate solution for all water activities.


When a leak occurs, the first step is to make sure you find the nearest bathroom in order to remove and replace any leaking appliances. Ostabelt protects the flange from being torn from the stoma site as it holds the ostomy appliance close to the body. In the event of a leak, Ostabelt will enclose the contents of the bag while buying time in order to change out the appliance and/or flange.


A mix blend of Nylon and Lycra


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