Day-to-Day Tips

  • Change your ostomy pouch on a routine basis, usually when it?s half full. You will get more comfortable with this after you learn what works best for you. Depending on the type of appliance you have been provided, some are disposable daily and some are reusable throughout the week.
  • It is recommended to change your skin barrier twice a week. Seven days is generally the maximum length of time.
  • Pouch wear time may decrease during warmer seasons when you are perspiring more or during times of increased activity. This is normal, so anticipate and plan appropriately.
  • When traveling, plan ahead. Some suggestions include:
    • Take extra ostomy supplies
    • Take an extra Ostabelt with you in case of emergencies
    • Pack your ostomy products in your carry-on bag when flying
    • Pre-cut your skin barriers ahead of time, if needed
    • Obtain a letter from your doctor that will explain your need for specific medical supplies when traveling
  • You can shower or bathe with your pouch on. If you use a two-piece pouching system, keep your pouch on during the shower. Some find it convenient to change to a different pouch for the shower so that the pouch you are wearing stays dry.
  • Store your unused ostomy supplies in a cool, dry place.
  • Carry extra ostomy supplies in your purse or car when you go out.

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