Ostabelt is an patent pending innovative stylish belt system dedicated to help ostomy patients return to an active lifestyle they desire. Created with the most durable and breathable material, the Ostabelt is guaranteed to provide comfort and protection around the clock. With a simple opening of a zipper, you will be able to empty out pouch contents effortlessly. Our system works with a one-piece or two-piece flange to provide a universal fit.

How to Measure

There are three measurements that are needed in order to know which fits you best:

Left or right ostomy

The diagram above is a patient with a left ostomy

Flange Size (1 ¾”)
or (2 ¼”)

Waist size at ostomy level
(where stoma is located in inches)

Look below to find your size according to your waist size (at ostomy level). The diagram above shows a patient with a LEFT ostomy orientation.





How do I put on my Ostabelt?

The Ostabelt has a unique application where the flange is inserted through the hole opening on the back of the belt. The flange then appears in the inside zippered pouch compartment where the ostomy bag will attach.
The belt is then positioned around your waist where it is locked in place using velcro, which are on both ends of the belt. The elastic loops are there in case there is any slack remaining from any adjustment due to your ostomy waist size.

Not sure about your flange size?

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