How to Wear


Step 1

Open your new Ostabelt package.
Rotate your appliance horizontally so that your ostomy bag faces away from your belly button. You do not necessarily need to rotate your appliance, however, Ostabelt works best when the appliance is horizontal.


Step 2

Unzip the Ostabelt zipper and position the belt so that the hole is facing your abdomen. The zipper should be at the bottom of the Ostabelt.


Step 3

Proceed to insert your empty ostomy appliance through the hole while connected to the flange.


Step 4

In order to secure your ostomy appliance, please review the instructions below for one and two-piece systems:

One Piece
Two Piece


Step 5

Secure the Ostabelt in place by attaching the velcrotogether on the opposite side to your ostomy. It does not need to be tightened at this point.


Step 6

Tuck your appliance into the Ostabelt. If you have chosen to leave it vertical, you can fold and tuck it in to the Ostabelt.


Step 7

Fasten your Ostabelt according to your desired tightness by adjusting the velcro.


Step 8

If the length of your belt is exposed past the velcro, proceed to tuck it into the belt loops that are attached to the belt to secure it in place. You are ready to start using your Ostabelt.

If you have any further questions please contact us here or contact our Ostabelt office by calling