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Geoff Walsh

I got my Ostabelt today, I’m excited! Packaging looked great.

Kamloops, British Columbia


Brian Wong

I have young children who love to play and be chased by me. When I got my ostomy bag, everything changed. I couldn’t have my kids climbing all over me and I had to be very cautious about my bag getting snagged. However now that my bag is securely placed in the Ostabelt, I barely have to worry at all! Those tickle battles are back and I can enjoy every moment I have playing with my kids.

Toronto, ON


Lisa Cowen

The Ostabelt let me feel like myself again after a long time. It holds my ostomy bag in so securely that I barely even feel itand sometimes almost forget that it’s there. I can go for jogs, exercise and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about it. It truly has improved my quality of life. I would recommend the Ostabelt to every person with an ostomy bag.

Edmonton, Alberta


Samantha Gillis

I am a dancer and it is within dancing that I lose myself and let go of all life’s worries. When I got the ostomy bag I was crushed because all my dancing had to involve such careful movements and I couldn’t enjoy the experience. However with the Ostabelt, I feel free again and I can once again lose myself in my dancing without worrying about my bag. It truly has been life changing and I don’t know how I could have coped without the Ostabelt.

Thank you Ostabelt.

Your forever customer Samantha

Vancouver, BC


Bradley T.

I play hockey on the school team and I have been playing for years. My team mates are my best friends and when I got sick I started missing out on all the games and I missed hanging out with my buddies so much. When I got the ostomy bag it was very hard to play such a rough aggressive sport with such a delicate bag. I felt like I had lost my whole identity and became very depressed. Than I heard about the Ostabelt and decided to try it. It has made a huge difference. I can go back to playing my favorite sport, hang out with my buddies, and be part of the team that I love. The Ostabelt protects my bag and I don’t have to be as worried. Life changing, truly.



Nikki L.

The Ostabelt works amazingly. I have had an ostomy bag now for three years. Its extremely uncomfortable when I exercise and walk too much. I always felt as if it was not secure but when I tried the Ostabelt, it sure fixed that problem. I’ve been able to move more freely and exercise ten times harder since using the Ostabelt. It secures my ostomy appliance in place so it enables me to move freely without worries.


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