Brian Wong

I have young children who love to play and be chased by me. When I got my ostomy bag, everything changed. I couldn’t have my kids climbing all over me and I had to be very cautious about my bag getting snagged. However now that my bag is securely placed in the Ostabelt, I barely have to worry at all! Those tickle battles are back and I can enjoy every moment I have playing with my kids.

Lisa Cowen

The Ostabelt let me feel like myself again after a long time. It holds my ostomy bag in so securely that I barely even feel itand sometimes almost forget that it’s there. I can go for jogs, exercise and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about it. It truly has improved my quality of life. I would recommend the Ostabelt to every person with an ostomy bag.

Samantha Gillis

I am a dancer and it is within dancing that I lose myself and let go of all life’s worries. When I got the ostomy bag I was crushed because all my dancing had to involve such careful movements and I couldn’t enjoy the experience. However with the Ostabelt, I feel free again and I can once again lose myself in my dancing without worrying about my bag. It truly has been life changing and I don’t know how I could have coped without the Ostabelt.

Thank you Ostabelt.

Your forever customer Samantha