Our Mission

Ostabelt is dedicated to helping ostomy patients return to the active lifestyle they desire, by offering an ostomy belt system that provides confidence, peace of mind, and comfort. At Ostabelt, we understand the challenges and limitations associated with ostomies, which is exactly why we designed a product that offers discreet but secure protection for your ostomy bag. This allows you to get back to the things you love in life, free from the worry that often comes after an ostomy procedure. Ostomy care is our priorty.

Keep an Active Lifestyle with an Ostomy

It’s normal to be concerned about living your life with an ostomy.

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Intimacy After Ostomy Surgery

You can have an intimate relationship while wearing an ostomy appliance.

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Children with an Ostomy

Every parent wants to see his or her child live a happy, normal life.

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Geoff Walsh

I got my Ostabelt today, I’m excited! Packaging looked great.

Brian Wong

I have young children who love to play and be chased by me. When I got my ostomy bag, everything changed. I couldn’t have my kids climbing all over me and I had to be very cautious about my bag getting snagged. However now that my bag is securely placed in the Ostabelt, I barely … Continue reading Brian Wong

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Customized Belts

We also specialize in customized belts. If we don’t have your ostomy waist size or your flange diameter, please contact us.

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